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  • Rogue Agents. Image courtesy Auto Italia South East & Pablo Jones-Soler


Rogue Agents—our band of 4 members—prepare to evacuate Earth, destination: TRAPPIST-1 for an intergalactic out-of-this-world rave. Whilst conditions on Earth demand relocation of the majority of its inhabitants, our four intrepid space explorers seek extra-terrestrial solace, community in dance, a rave for when the world ends.

We are casting for 4 performers to take on the roles of the band members of Rogue Agents as part of a new artwork, led by Auto Italia with contributions from a wide range of Australian, UK and international artists (full list below).

Rogue Agents will culminate in a Live Night at Firstdraft Sydney on April 1st 2017, where our “band” will perform, following a script generated by the contributors. No singing experience is necessary to take on a role of a band member, though certain moments will require lip syncing to music.

Project outline:

Rogue Agents is a group project seeking to collectively uncover ideas around figures that can disrupt, subvert and redirect power. From historical and folkloric interpretations of witchcraft to bio-technologies and body hacking, Rogue Agents will explore alternative models of being and desiring.

Auto Italia invite you to the Firstdraft coven to collectively (fore)cast disruptive new configurations for the codification of our future bodies, seeking agency in new modes of technological shapeshifting. Through image making, textiles production, and live music, Rogue Agents will explore transgressive new possibilities for harnessing collective imagination to explore fictional, esoteric and latent modes of self-representation.

Casting information:

We are particularly interested in casting actors/performers for the 4 band characters who are open to working with visual artists within an unusual format. This is not a play, nor is it a live gig – but maybe it’s a fusion of the two. We would like to work closely with you over a day of workshops to collectively bring the band to life. We are interested in auditioning people at all stages in their careers, from all backgrounds who are interested in being a part of this project. We are aiming to foster a culture of diversity and inclusivity with the Rogue Agents project and therefore strongly encourage applications from underrepresented groups. This is a paid opportunity.

We’d love to talk more with those interested in auditioning – please send an expression of interest with a brief CV and details regarding your artist’s fee to and we will be in touch. Successful applicants would need to be available to audition on March 23rd, workshop ideas together on March 24th, for dress rehearsals on March 31 and the live performance on April 1st.

Rogue Agents collaborating artists:

Australia – Holly Childs, Linda Dement, Angela Goh, Spence Messih, Bhenji Ra.
International – Pablo Jones-Soler, Mette Hammer Juhl + Lorenzo Tebano, Victoria Sin
Auto Italia artists – Marleen Boschen, Marianne Forrest, Edward Gillman.