beyond capitalist surrealism


30.09.2015 - 02.10.2015


beyond capitalist surrealism

firstdraft and liquid architecture presents

LA2015: Beyond Capitalist Surrealism
Sept 30-Oct 2, Firstdraft

This year in Melbourne we instigated a program called Capitalist Surrealism. We could have done the same here, but Sydney is even more expensive than Melbourne — more capitalist, and therefore more surreal.

Over three days at Firstdraft, Beyond Capitalist Surrealism will hold an acoustic mirror to the bizarre and mutually-antagonistic forces and formations of contemporary capital. This collective experiment by artists, musicians and others may:

  • record the noise of eavesdropping
  • rave safe and sound in the peace and quiet of sonic warfare
  • flush the human algorhythm’s guiltily machinic ear

Our projections suggest that this should accrue sufficient emotional, symbolic and unconscious capital to bankrupt the fantasy of an infinitely contracting horizon. If the goal of capitalism is the accumulation of capital, this is accumulated capitalist surrealism.

Artists: Jennifer Walshe (Ireland) – Richard Dawson (UK) – Kraus (New Zealand) – Anja Kanngieser – Daniel Jenatsch – Kate Brown – Monica Monin – James Parker – Eddie Hopely – Frances Barrett – Jasmine Guffond – Kynan Tan – New Waver – Mark Brown – Tom Smith – Holly Childs – Steph Overs – Marian Tubbs – Ivan Lisyak

Curators: Joel Stern, Danni Zuvela and Kusum Normoyle

Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for artists working with sound. LA investigates the sounds themselves, but also the ideas communicated about, and the meaning of, sound. Our program stages encounters and creates spaces for sonic experience, and critical reflection on sonority and systems of sonic affect. To do this, we host experiences at the intersection of contemporary art and experimental music, supporting artists to produce performances and concerts, exhibitions, talks, reading groups, workshops and recordings in art spaces, music venues and other sites.

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