writers’ program – beast, auntie, bunny

elena gomez

01.01.2015 - 01.07.2015


writers’ program – beast, auntie, bunny

I read Bernadette Mayer and Alice Notley and Diane Di Prima years ago and then more recently I start trying to masticate their words and other words but was derailed by a burgeoning affair with Bolshevik feminism/but reading instead about Alexandra Kollontai and her failures that were large and successes that were eclipsed and my writing practice at this time became less a text with purpose and more like a skeletal or cutaway approach to where the words tend to take me where for example i feel deep self pity from the blockages and stoppages within the links between my mind and my hands when it comes to the act of writing and rather than acting as though this was too gruesome for the public I felt like I could write through those moments and everything would be okay or that simple collage texts and acrostics directed my thoughts about how we make communism and feminism happen at the same time and whether writing had anything to do with it into something more open and fluid than I thought possible especially since i am struggling to make writing less willfully opaque and more revolutionary poems but writing is anger and sorrow and helplessness while also being cool-headed, authoritative, conceptual and so this is my attempt, I suppose, to revisit my conceptual writing practice without shutting down the affective nature of writing, esp. when it’s the kind of writing that might try to put EVERYTHING on the line.



elena maria gomez is a poet and editor living in Sydney. Her poems have been published Cordite and The Claudius App and her chapbooks are CHILL FLAKES (SUS press) & PER (Make Now Books, co-written with Eddie Hopely). She is currently completing an MFA in experimental & conceptual writing at UNSW Art & Design.


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