evolving wilds

aston creus

05.04.2017 - 28.04.2017


evolving wilds

evolving wilds

Seeking inspiration from the wilderness projects of 1960’s vanguard artists across Japan and the USA, the works in Evolving Wilds situate the infinite, procedurally-generated virtual landscape as a bivouac for artistic practice. Whereas previous work has seen the artist physically interfacing with games to create monumental structures and markings within them, Evolving Wilds partially inverts this by melding Regency Era ornamentation and depictions of nature with content sourced from these digital environments. Attempting to create forms that act between these virtual spaces thus becomes a method for greater understanding their overlap with the physical wild.
The pieces form part of a broader ongoing investigation into the ways in which the pastoral landscape has become manifest in contemporary contexts through the visual tropes and language of both medieval fantasy and video games, and are partially informed by a month-long studio residency undertaken in the rural Yamanashi prefecture of Japan.


Aston Creus is an emerging studio artist based in Sydney. His practice often involves both physical and digital sculptural forms, as well as interactive storytelling, electronics, and hardware and software hacking.

He has exhibited both locally and internationally with group shows at Firstdraft, Airspace Projects, Kudos Gallery, and elsewhere. He was most recently the studio artist-in-residence at Gallery AIRY (Kofu, Japan) upon where he also exhibited, and his work is now held in private collections internationally.

He is currently completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UNSW Art & Design.


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