firing on all cylinders

deb mansfield

02.04.2014 - 25.04.2014


firing on all cylinders

Firing on all cylinders responds to the ritual of day-dreaming about remote places while living in a busy metropolis.

In this work, original and appropriated images sit side-by-side in a photo-tapestry format.

The work focuses on the ‘island’ as a form and an idea. As an in-between to the round-trip, islands are both a respite and demise to the expedition, sitting (sometimes uncomfortably) between the leaving and the return. Similar ambiguities are addressed in the photo-tapestry process, which uses low-resolution digital images to feed a mechanical loom. 

Firing on all cylinders brings together multiple forms (while being singularly none of them): a primary image, an appropriated image, textiles and the machine. The work – like the island journey – is anchored somewhere in-between the here and there.


Deb Mansfield is an artist whose research has predominantly focused on littoral geographies and journeys.  She has completed several artist residencies both locally and abroad, been the recipient of several awards and public art commissions, alongside exhibiting consistently since 2000.  Mansfield currently lives in Newcastle where she works as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Newcastle.

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