hell broth

hell broth

with: lily chan, aston creus, mashara wachjudy, eddie hopely, lanny jordan jackson, clare milledge, hamishi farah, ivan ruhle, zoë sadokierski, giselle stanborough and tom melick.

Hell Broth explores the list as both method and form. Initially, the list seems more bureaucratic than aesthetic: to-do lists, groceries, coffee ‘crders, mail-merges or inventories of missing office supplies.  And yet, lists are defined by complex contextual and associative relationships, which are produced by, and produce in turn, material effects. The curated exhibition and the list behave similarly: disparate objects connected to a space and each other by an often invisible set of correspondences.

For Hell Broth, the list is examined as a formal, textual, spatial and/or visual practice. The show will bring together artists and writers who engage differently with the concept of the list form, and will emphasise the capacity for these modes of list-making (in the archive, of images, through language) to capture each other in a kind of cross-referential collectivity. Our aim is to extend the notion of the ‘list’ such that it operates as, simultaneously, a curatorial thematic, an organising principle, a material arrangement and an invitation to engage with contemporary art in a manner that situates the gallery space as a site for reading, researching, conversing and collecting novel concepts. The artists include local, interstate and international practitioners for whom the list in its many guises – index, catalogue, (an)archive, paratext, database, compendium, assemblage – offers a site to explore direct and indirect affinities.


Astrid Lorange is a writer, editor and teacher. She lectures at UNSW Art & Design and curates the talk series ‘Conspiracy’ at Minerva Gallery. Her research interests include experimental arts and writing, politics and pedagogy.

Vaughan O’Connor is an emerging curator and digital holographer. His research interests include experimental curation, contemporary holography and military geovisualisation.

image credit: zan wimberley 

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