of all others
  • Liam Colgan, Sorry Mum II, 2015. Archival pigment print, 68.5 x 99 cm

curated by kate britton

03.05.2017 - 26.05.2017


of all others

With Liam Colgan (WA), Amrita Hepi (Ngapuhi & Bundjulung / NSW), Sione Monu (NZ), James Nguyen (NSW) and Samia Sayed (NSW)

This exhibition celebrates ideas of family not formulated through ‘the exclusion of all others’. The artists within embody and propose modalities of the familial that are queer; post-colonial, post-Freudian and post-nuclear. They seek to escape and transcend rigid familial models based on bloodlines, patriarchal inheritance and the Oedipal trinity; models which perpetrate violence on those that exist beyond their bounds; all others.

In proposing a broader understanding of family, Of All Others enacts a utopic futurism based on unruly inclusion. Our families are not chosen, extended, traditional, or open; they are families. These artists each explore what it means to belong – or not – to a family or families, and the ways in which this belonging structures identity and experience of the world. Of All Others imagines family as it could be; formulated through the inclusion of all others.

There will be performances on opening night. Bring your mum and your babies.


Kate Britton is a Sydney-based writer and curator. She is currently the Curator – Contemporary Performance at Campbelltown Arts Centre. In 2016 she curated PASSING / PARADES at Success Gallery in Fremantle, and completed her PhD at UNSW Art and Design. From 2014-15 she was Co-Director at Firstdraft Gallery. Her writing has been published widely, including in Art Monthly, Sturgeon, Art Collector, Un, Runway, Das Superpaper, Time Out, and numerous catalogues. She has worked with diverse arts organisations including Underbelly Arts, This is Not Art, Kaldor Public Art Projects, COFA, and FBi Radio.

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