“party” “girl”
  • Artwork: untitled mccausland

“party” “girl”

Curated by Ainslie Templeton

She reaches the top of the stairs and her ‘lane’ turns off in December 1 at firstdraft at 6pm. It’s a party. There’s an interesting eye drawn above her on the wall, with a mop. Someone dancing in a bag… does anyone at this party look at each other? breezing through the crowd, eyes scanning across it. She’s 34, groundhogged. Pretending to be drunk. Thinking about her HECS debt. hi 🙂 By her left eye, a satin or other shimmering garment caught the lights in brilliant delight. She breathed in and out to the beat of the song. Closing her eyes and reflecting on a few things that came to mind then and there. Roman colosseum-air-Arena. Paper shapes. Petal shapes. F#A#∞. It’s a party.

“party” “girl” is a event in two parts: textual and irl. They are mutually constitutive, but also separate. Experience of each event will heighten the experience of the other, which is why we recommend reading the textual event both before and after attending the party. The textual event is available  here.

Textural Event:

Akil Ahamat, Spencer Lai, Samia Sayed, Vincent Silk, Jake Swinson

IRL Event:

DJ Gemma, DJ Punky Fish, DJ Shoulder Issues, Susannah Jack, Jo Pol, Sereena, Leila el Rayes

IRL Event design by Dylan Nicolas

DJ Gemma

DJ Gemma has been inspiring audiences and making people dance since the weee hours of the 80’s . She is also the co-founder of Club Kooky which was born in 1995, and believes in bringing people together by creating community on the dance floor. Gemma is best known for events including Club Kooky, Club Bent and Quick and Dirty at Performance Space, Ya Leil (Queer Arab Parties) Wicked Women, Gurlesque. She has played at WOMADelaide, Biennale of Sydney, Bellingen Global Music Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Tropical Fruits, Mardi Gras, Queer Screen, Sydney Festival, Midsumma, Feast Festival Adelaide,  She has also provided sounds for the catwalk performance art events including Guillermo Gomez Pena’s Museum of Fetishized Identities and Aerialize’s Walking on Air. There are too many parties & events to remember them all. “Sydney was a very vital vibrant & rocking city before the Big Guns slashed our beautiful home & turned it into a parking lot”. Gemma’s alias is “Monobrow”, producing and reinterpreting traditional and contemporary Arabic music. “If you can move to a song, It’s Dance music…..simple”.

DJ Punky Fish

DJ Punky Fish’s career first launched when she wound up at a soulless RUSSH party, hated it, switched up the iPod and got to the real donks. Tonight the Astronesian sonically delivers a love-letter to F45 and Dj G-Wizard from friday nights on THE EDGE 96.1.

DJ Shoulder Issues

Shoulder Issues washed up from Melbourne late last year, bringing with them their personal palate of mixing distinct styles on the dance floor. Classically trained with a background in the oboe and contemporary Australian classical composition, they have toured overseas with numerous ensembles, as well as djing parties in Tokyo, London, Berlin and Melbourne. They also co-headed fashion collective Rare Candy, organising flashmob runway shows with their own encyclopaedic soundtracks to present their collections.

Spencer Lai

Spencer Lai’s practice combines skilled and unskilled processes paired with techniques of bricolage and applique. Spencer’s work experiments with the lexicon of design, fashion, and window display, with specific focus on subcultures, identity and aesthetic cultures. Their process involves the collation and editing of found and personal materials, objects and clothing to reflect and disseminate narratives surrounding consumer cultural consciousness.

Vincent Silk

Vincent Silk is a writer living in Narrm who likes to work with fiction. His work has appeared in Archer, Going Down Swinging, Wormhole, Seizure, among other places. His first novel, The Sisters of No Mercy will be released in 2018 through Brio Books.

Samia Sayed

Samia Sayed is a Sydney based artist and writer. Her work explores the experience of being raised in Australia amongst first-generation families, of travelling to homelands from which these families have been removed, of the tensions between these two worlds, and of the loss and violence that she experiences amongst these contexts. Shaped by her experiences, her work explores the fragility of love/violence through food, eroticism, politics, culture, religion and sadness – and establishing these connections through her personal relationships. Although her work has appeared in many publications, she mostly self-publishes. You can access her work at:https://browneyes86blog.wordpress.com/

Susannah Jack

>>Susannah Jack an innocuous truffle flavoured mist. They remain unventilated in the public lexicon, due to their tenebrous proclivity for unproductivity & unprofitability as radical acts.<<

Leila El Rayes

Sydney based artist Leila El Rayes works primarily within sculpture and performance. Born and raised in Sydney from Egyptian and Palestinian descent, Leila’s practice deals with the themes of cultural heritage and often acts as a celebration of vulnerability between melding identities and contexts. Leila uses the themes of hardship, desire and  uncertainty as a vehicle to intricacy, fragility and beauty.

Her diverse practice utilises unconventional materials and techniques, examining the idea of being dissolved into predetermined culture with exploration and reaction to exoticistaion and otherness.

Friday, 1st December, 6-10pm, $5 at the door

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