the tyranny of the expert

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15.03.2015 - 15.03.2015


the tyranny of the expert

Firstdraft launched the first of it’s new bi-monthly critical afternoons, AROUND THE OUTSIDE on Sunday 15th March, 2015, with THE TYRANNY OF THE EXPERT.

Part reading room, part film club, and part open dialogue, AROUND THE OUTSIDE is dedicated to fostering informal, non-institutional learning and creative criticality.

THE TYRANNY OF THE EXPERT, aimed to create a blueprint for the creation of a collaborative and experimental environment for exchange. Whether through artistic practice dedicated to social intervention, or institutional action that looks beyond the gallery walls, invited participants in our first open session fostered collective engagement unfettered by predetermined outcomes and the tyranny of the expert. Complimented by readings and film screenings, artists, writers and curators sought to create space for generative thought and action. Exploration of these ideas occurred across readings, films and talks and artistic actions.

Featuring performances/talks/actions/works by:
– Canvas fbi – broadcast live at the Gallery featuring work by Megan Garrett-Jones “Etude Quotidian” (2015)
– Rosie Dennis
– Zin
– Julian Day

Film Program:
Harun Farocki: A New Product (2012)
Frederick Wiseman: At Berkeley (2013)
Hamishi Farah: Marginal Aesthetics (2014)

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