writers’ program – a whole, a heap of parts

tom melick

01.01.2015 - 01.07.2015


writers’ program – a whole, a heap of parts

A pack of rats—we count five or six from where we sit—scurry up a drainpipe and along a wall. Earlier, cockroaches huddle around a stepped on kebab.


Later, it must be early morning, a flock of seagulls dance for dropped fries and chicken nuggets outside McDonald’s and moths mob a street light, unable to be anywhere else. The same day? Unseasonably hot, not a swarm of bees but close enough in the middle of the median strip. A lively meeting of flies on a pile of shit on the pavement. You say you need an electric kettle. Pigeons cooly enter and exit the shopping centre, using the automatic doors.


A gust of wind, and with it goes Tom Melick’s biography.

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