Trust the Flesh

Pamela Arce

10.01.2018 - 28.01.2018


Trust the Flesh

Trust the Flesh comes as a result of a series of interviews with a close friend who has recently suffered an accident. Their body went through alterations and despite the clear potentiality of learning new alternatives and finding new routes to the same objectives; this body finds itself still facing the optimal body ideology. The new body is codified as a tragedy: “poor thing”, “how did this happen?”, “will you ever be alright?”. These interviews take the shape of voice- overs in videos in which the human figure and ceramic sculptures collaborate to catalogue movements. Those movements that are taken for granted in the normative bodies, and now re-codified, as mere possibilities between thousands; re-calibrating our perception of the “invalid”, the “helpless” and the “broken”. Trust the Flesh is composed of its video chapters I and II, and interactions between ceramics and experimental rehab structures. 

About the Artist

Pamela Arce’s artistic practice investigates the body through exhibitions that involve diverse means, often combining ceramics, video, robotics, audio and sculpture. She recently participated in the Video Visions screenings as part of Melbourne’s Channels Festival at ACMI (2017), and the Love Stories exhibition at the Diaphane Photoaumnales Festival in Paris (2016) where she showed the results of her 2015 residency at Torna, Istanbul. In 2014 she won the Young Artist Contemporary Prize of Lima; and showed her work Natural Resources at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima. Pamela is part of an experimental team at Cotto Ceramic Studio, Lima, Perú. This is her first solo exhibition within Australia.

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