untold stories

jessica ekomane, jasmine guffond + silje nes

07.06.2017 - 30.06.2017


untold stories

untold stories

As humans try to grasp the underlying systems determining our environment, we are faced with the limitations of our perceptual apparatus. Jessica Ekomane, Jasmine Guffond and Silje Nes’s group show Untold Stories investigates these limits, and thereby information that is usually inaccessible to us. Exploring the act of perceiving, the works engage with phenomena that lie outside of the human sensory range such as global wireless networks or the kinetic and vibrational properties of sub sonic sounds. Through generative experiments and sound installation Untold Stories will offer a glimpse into some of the imperceivable structures shaping our experience of the world.


jessica ekomane

Jessica Ekomane was born in France. She now lives and works in Berlin. Her practice unfolds around sound installations, site-specific sound interventions and music. She received and honorary mention for the Sonotopia award 2016 and has been a DAAD scholarship holder.

jasmine guffond

Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist working at the interface of social, political and technical infrastructures. Her practice spans live performance, recording and the capacity of sound installation to interrogate site. Through the sonification of data she addresses the potential for sound to engage with contemporary political questions. She has exhibited internationally, performed live, and recorded music for CD and 12 inch vinyl releases. In 2016 she received the ‘Working Grant for New Music und Sound Art’ from the Berlin Senate.

silje nes

Silje Nes is based in Bergen NO and Berlin DE, working on various projects within music, experimental sound and sound installations. She releases music on her own label Noko Ana, and FatCat Records, and has toured internationally with her music. Taking interest in special and physical manifestions of sound, in her current work she explores the creation of environments that express a certain autonomy, removed from compositorial processes. Her current project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.



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