writers’ program – emma size: post coitus

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23.04.2017 - 23.04.2017


writers’ program – emma size: post coitus

Artist statement

Atm I like to think and write about things that are important to me, like ethics and politics and the ethics and politics of writing. Post-Coitus is a stand-alone/tangential excerpt from the large-scale project I’ve been working on during my residency at Firstdraft, called College of Fine Arse. It’s an institutional critique of heteropatriarchy as it manifests in the supposed leftwing queer intersectional feminist paradise of art school, written as an erotic fanfiction of my life at art school. Featuring fictional erotic and not-so-hot encounters with fictionalised men I’ve met at art school, it’s a panty-dropping, eye-rolling, choose-your-own-adventure odyssey into the politics of heteroprofessional relationships. Or something like that.

As a choose-your-own-adventure story consisting of two parallel texts, Post Coitus was designed as a print zine and is best experienced as a booklet that can be flicked through. To download a copy of the zine that you may print on demand, click the link below. If you take this pdf to Officeworks and print a black and white stapled booklet, you’ll have your own porno-political experimental nudie mag for around four bucks!

download post coitus here.


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