writers’ program – flirt
  • Sarinah Masukor
  • Sarinah Masukor

sarinah masukor

23.04.2017 - 23.04.2017


writers’ program – flirt

Flirt: Sydney 2015 is a re-writing of the first part of Hal Hartley’s 1995 film Flirt, subtitled New York 1994, as an online experimental text and video work. In the original film, Bill prevaricates over a romantic decision. The pressure of analogue time drives the narrative. In 1994 there is a moment when Bill will no longer be able to contact Emily. In 2015, Bill can message Emily whenever and wherever he wants and every act feels like a rehearsal. Things get delayed. Possibilities accumulate. Does standing still ward off the future? Can a very long pause reconfigure time?

Flirt: Sydney 2015 is part of a new series of ‘remakes’ that relocates prescient 20th century films in the 21st century.

artist statement:

I’ve been thinking about how reading online gives you a sense of being in control of time. You can bring up whatever you want whenever you want it. You can read for as long as you want and there’s never any pressure to finish anything. But there’s tension there, between the time and rhythm of the writing and the rhythm of your distraction. In Flirt: Sydney 2015 control over the speed of reading is alternately given and taken away. Without controls, the short video sections disrupt the normal flow of reading. Timed to mirror the pace of the dialogue in the original film, they unfold more slowly than we read. The new speed alters the strength and weight of the words and, quite physically, pushes back, giving the story two rhythms, the reader’s and it’s own.

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