Firstdraft 2018 Program

Firstdraft 2018 Program

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Firstdraft is thrilled to announce the artistic program for January–August, 2018. The first half of 2018 will present a diverse calendar including international projects from Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Peru, 20 local artists and curators, two interstate artists and two regional NSW artists. Firstdraft would like to congratulate all artists, curators and writers programmed, we look forward to an exciting year ahead!


Carla Cescon + Scott Donovan
Chun Yin Rainbow Chan
Dalton Stewart
Duha Ali + Justine Youssef
Dylan Batty
Grace Blake
Hypercomf (Ioannis Koliopoulos
+ Paola Palavidi)
James Farley
Kevin Diallo
Laura Hunt
Lisa Sammut
Marikit Santiago
Nadia Hernández
Pamela Arce
Paris Norton
Quishile Charan
Sarah Poulgrain
Snack Syndicate (Astrid Lorange
+ Andrew Brooks)
Thea Perkins
Yiorgo Yiannopoulos
Yonel Watene


Alison Groves + Tomorrow Girls Troop
Barnaby Lewer
Harriet Body
Isabella Cornell + Valerie Schlosberg
Nanette Orly
Sarah Rees


Enoch Mailangi
Holly Childs