public programs

public programs

Firstdraft Public Programs run alongside the application-based exhibition program and are focused on critical discourse, performance and collaboration. Consisting of a program of live art and events that engage with critical ideas around creative practice, Firstdraft’s public programs augment the exhibition program and allow the organisation to generate and support innovative cultural practice. A diverse mix of curators, artists, writers, and performers are engaged annually.

Firstdraft has also supported other innovative artist-led initiatives, such as Serial Space and Peloton, with space and funding to realise their own programs after they closed their doors and will continue to support and encourage other leading artist-led initiatives.

Extending across art forms and with a focus on diversity, Firstdraft’s Public Programs engage and support experimental practice and practitioners and work to foster a vibrant arts community and discourse.


Around the Outside 2 – Lost

LA2017: Negative Volumes: Danger Magic

Around the Outside 1 – Writing & Artistic Practice

Rogue Agents – a Curatorial Project by Auto Italia South East


Around the Outside 1 – Our Bodies, Our Archives

Around the Outside 2 – New Positions; Dance and Choreography in the Gallery

Around the Outside 3 – Practice is Research

LA2016 Sydney: What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?

Around the Outside 4 – Fact/Fiction


Around the outside One – The Tyrany of the Expert

Around the outside Two – Folds, Crumples, Knots

Around the outside Three – The Extended Age of Crisis

Fantasy Island

Specifically Speaking

LA2015 Sydney: Beyond Capitalist Surrealism 



Back in Kansas

The Administrator

Firstdraft: Redrafted

Real Life Human Resources


Firstdraft After Dark

Night Depot

Performance Monthly (several)

Performance Monthly Weekender

All I Want For Christmas Is You, Curated by Marcus Whale

  • Back in Kansas, 2014. Image Credit: Zan Wimberley