The Firstdraft Writers’ Program seeks to foster an expanded arts writing practice, whereby writers are positioned alongside artists as both makers and thinkers. It welcomes writers exploring the intersection of the critical and the creative; the text and its enunciation; and text as both idea and material.

As part of the Firstdraft Writers’ Program, writers are engaged in a three-month professional development program, producing experimental texts to be presented at the conclusion of their residency. These texts can take any number of forms – print, digital or performed; critical or otherwise; responsive to exhibitions or independent. They are launched quarterly at openings.

Firstdraft support experimental and critical writing practices as integral to a thriving artistic environment, whereby writers can be artists and vice versa. Applications are encouraged from writers interested in the poetics of aesthetics, the aesthetics of poetics; event as textual and text as event. Applications from writers of all disciplines, and artists interested in language and writing are encouraged.


Elena Gomez and Tom Melick are currently participating in the Firstdraft Writers’ Program.  You can read more about their projects by clicking the link below.

Elena Gomez

Tom Melick

  • REDRAFTED, 2014. Image Credit: Zan Wimberley
  • Mish Gregor performance as part of REDRAFTED, 2014. Image Credit: Zan Wimberley