Thank You & Farewell to the 2014-15 Firstdraft Directorate

Thank You & Farewell to the 2014-15 Firstdraft Directorate

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The 2015-16 Firstdraft Directorate would like to thank the outgoing Directorate of 2014-15 — Kate Britton, Elliott Bryce Foulkes, Jane Gillespie, and Tulleah Pearce — for their hard work, commitment and passion.

This Directorate leaves Firstdraft in wonderful shape. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Grants Committee, led-by Jane Gillespie and Tulleah Pearce, the organisation has secured Multi-year Program Funding from Arts NSW for 2016-18, enabling the organisation to continue to grow and develop new ways to support experimental and emerging artists. We were also able to continue to support rent-free shows for artists in 2014-15, an initiative we are incredibly proud of and one we will continue to develop in the coming years.

2015 also saw the development of our Public Programs, with Firstdraft’s Live Nights providing an exciting outlet for the performance, sound, installation and critical thinking. Kate and Tulleah’s passion for rigorous and celebratory live programs must be acknowledged. It is a testament to their hard work that Firstdraft’s Live Nights have become a cornerstone of our programming.

In his role as resident designer, Elliott developed a sharp aesthetic for Firstdraft’s messaging that was both clear and refined. In his role on the Media Committee, Elliott also worked to strengthen Firstdraft’s public profile and build relations across the arts sector. 2015 also saw Firstdraft undertake an international outreach trip to attend Supermarket ARI Fair and meet with other Artist Run Initiatives across Europe. Elliott was a wonderful representative for the organisation on this trip, building lasting relationships with a number of international organisations that we hope to develop in the coming years.

2015 was a hugely successful year — the annual fundraising auction was our best to date, thanks to the efforts of the directors in reaching out to the Firstdraft community artists, and in hanging a beautiful show. The 2015 auction effort was led by the wonderful Jane Gillespie, whose organisational initiative ensured the auction ran seamlessly. Jane was also responsible for managing and building our volunteer program and she has continued to develop the wonderful sense of community that is integral to Firstdraft’s operations.

Our program continues to move from strength to strength and this was reflected in the increased number of application in 2015. The outgoing board played a major role in shaping and supporting Firstdraft’s diverse and exciting program, encouraging a wide variety of practices and constantly questioning what constitutes experimental and emerging practice.

Kate, Elliott, Jane and Tulleah have contributed countless hours of hard work and dedication to ensure that Firstdraft’s vision will continue to well into the future. They were wonderful mentors for us in our first year and we wish you all the best in your post-Firstdraft lives.

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