2015 Program pt 2

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A Robot Attempts to Eat a Chicken Wing

A Robot Attempts to Eat a Chicken Wing

Curated by Luke Letourneau

01.07.2015 - 24.07.2015
Opening 01.07.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 23.07.15 6-7pm

Discharge everywhere.

This is an exhibition revelling in the mess our creations make. Everything is moist. It is dripping, seeping, pooling from every crevice. In this exhibition, capacity never matches ambition.

Robots: they came for your jobs, now they want your lives.


Tully Arnot, Josh Harle, Jason Phu, Louise Zhang curated by Luke Letourneau

Tully Arnot, Josh Harle, Jason Phu, Louise Zhang are a new collaborative partnership founded as an outlet for slop and punking.

Tully Arnot investigates human relationships with technology. The artist creates an 'uncanny residue' of object-life that may change how we see everyday objects outside the gallery. More recently this has been imbuing objects with behavioural patterns using microprocessors and servos.

Josh Harle's practice focuses on subverting the rationalising drive of technology; anthropomorphizing the actions of robots to present them as quixotic and performative.

Jason Phu presents irreverent, starkly uncompromising views of human nature, and works with inanimate objects to caricature them as grotesque figures.

Louise Zhang deals with the ambiguity of the 'blob'; mutable, in opposition to the ordered and rectilinear rational world, but potentially monstrous and cancerous; the leakage as a breakdown of control; pastel coloured goop that can be both attractive and repulsive.

Later Event: July 31
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