2019 program pt 2

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Push it, push it (real good)

Push it, push it (real good)

Bruno Booth

Gallery 4
Opening 6-8pm
Artist Talks 24.10.19 6-7pm

Push it, push it (real good) explores the experience of navigating a wheelchair across difficult terrain. Utilising video, painting and installation, the project foregrounds the exaggerated physicality and repetition of movement required to master assistive equipment.

Using a wheelchair is an endurance sport. It can be painful, exhausting and strangely beautiful. Shopping trips are obstacle courses, crowded bars are an exercise in patience, kerbs are mountains and puddles inland seas. Rocky paths should be conquered, the alternative is a pedestrian life mediated by synthetic surfaces and sanitised experiences.

Repetition of motion (and its associated benefits and pitfalls) is something that wheelchair users know intimately. On opening night Bruno will invite visitors to help him laboriously move the ISA symbol across the floor with their hands. This performance/dialogue will serve as an entry point for the work and allow people to ask questions about the artist's practice and his experience of disability in an informal setting.


Bruno Booth is an emerging artist with a physical disability based in Fremantle, WA in the first few years of his practice. He works across the mediums of painting, social engagement, sculpture, video and installation. He was an artist in residence at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts (PICA) in 2017and has been selected for the FAC (Fremantle Arts Centre) Artist in Residence program from September – December 2019, Next Wave 2020 (as a Next Wave X artist), the City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award and the First Draft 2019 -2020 Exhibition program.

His new works are inspired by the navigational challenges he faces as a wheelchair user and the under-representation of disabled people in popular culture.


Bruno Booth, Pull cord for assistance, 2018, paper mâché, lights, speaker, rope, mdf, paint, found objects, variable

Bruno Booth, The elephant in the room, 2019, digital photograph, variable

Bruno Booth, Hostile Infrastructure, 2019, timber, paint, lights, micro-controller, wheelchair, participant, 20m x 3m x 3m Photo: Keelan O'Hehir.