2019 program pt 2

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Beben y Beben

Beben y Beben

Francesca Zak

Gallery 4
Opening 03.07.19 6-8pm
Artist Talks 25.07.19 6-7pm

Beben y Beben is a centred around the languages that were developed between my grandmothers and I as methods of communication and understanding that came from navigating distance and language barriers. This language grows as we extend ourselves to one another and find ways of sharing memories, methods of care and understandings of the worlds around us.

There is power in the unwritten, through seeking a language beyond language they each have given to me systems of storytelling, of passing on folklore, practices of harvesting and cooking and rituals of care. Although much of this lexicon is deeply rooted in memory, since both of their passing I find myself still performing these actions and processes that were used as the basis of this vocabulary.


Francesca Zak’s practice is rooted in the reimagining of abandoned imagery and the traditions of storytelling and memory. In 2017 Zak graduated from the National Art School with a BFA in Printmaking, since then she has exhibited throughout Sydney and Australia in both solo and group exhibitions, showing at Tributary Projects, Knulp, ANKLES, Peacock Gallery and Lilac City, Zak has also developed work for projects such as AJAR at Sydney College of the Arts and is currently in residence at Stonevilla Artist Studios.


Francesca Zak, Abuela And Babička, 2019, Digital Print

Francesca Zak, Blackberries Have Thorns Too, 2019, Digital Print

Francesca Zak, How To Fall Asleep, 2019, Digital Print