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Uncanny Body

Uncanny Body 

Jesse Rye

Opening 09.01.19 6-8pm
Artist Talks 31.01.19 6-7pm

Uncanny Body builds on an existing body of work of how humans perceive light and movement. In this iteration, the ambiguity between seemingly random robotic motion and normate human spontaneity is called into question; and the equilibrium of control and autonomy is augmented.

Initially inspired by visual interference experienced during chronic migraine episodes; Jesse’s current project ‘Generator/Receiver’ is an ongoing body of work approaching the rift between what is considered ‘disabled’ interaction with the world, and what is deemed normative.

Mimetic communication between human participant, human programmer, robotic agent and human observer feedback together, magnifying the interplay between them all. Uncanny Body operates as an exercise of uncertainty, choice and a demonstration of perceived free will. The work encourages viewers to question their own interactions with vision and movement - bringing to attention the discord between themselves, the performer and the robot.

A steel frame, a skin like form. Touch is encouraged.

Uncanny Body is an intervention that calls to question how aspects of the uncanny valley phenomenon are projected and enforced on disabled bodies. - Why is it that the some of the most popular videos involving robots are those of failure and destruction? Can we reprogram our affective scripts?


Jesse Rye is an emerging artist based in Sydney.

Jesse’s practice approaches phenomenology, crip theory and affect. Working primarily in sculpture, print and sound; Jesse’s work interrogates our preconceptions of how we perceive, evaluate and negotiate the world - particularly with a focus on people with diverse sensory experiences and differing abilities. Jesse identifies as living with a disability, and rejects reductive views of people with differing abilities as inferior. Jesse is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at UNSW Art and Design.

Jesse has provided technical support for artist run initiatives in the past such as in Glebe. Jesse has exhibited work at UNSW Art and Design, Gallery Aurora, Down/Under Space, Enmore Design Centre and Firstdraft.

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