2019 Program

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Thank You

Live Night #2

Curated by Eilish Fitzpatrick and Leila El Rayes 

31.05.19 6-10pm

Please bring cash to donate what you can to FIRE as entry.
More info about FIRE here.

6.00 - 6.20pm Smoking Ceremony
6.20 - 7.20pm Ayebatonye (DJ)
7.20 - 7.30pm Tommy Misa (performance)
7.30 - 8.30pm Moniker (DJ)
8.30 - 8.40pm 2Piecefknfedup (performance)
8.40 - 9.40pm Jane (DJ)
9.40 - 10.00pm Kilia Tipa (performance)


O & Matthew Stegh 
Enoch Mailangi

THANK YOU is a live night dedicated to celebrating the steadfast perseverance of queer bodies in sharp times. 

TY is an ode to the divine, a celebration of transcendence.

Both supportive base and pedestal, TY is a space for loving dedications to the radiant, staunch, defiant, soft, charming, joyous characters birthed from our community. 

Free from the fury that so often informs our spaces and conversations, this night will shift its focus away from the turbulence of the outside world, instead celebrating the transcendent bodies that birth new  ways of being into existence. 

Fucking THANK YOU! 

We, you, all of us deserve to be celebrated.  


Eilish Fitzpatrick is an experimental non-fiction writer, media artist, program curator and dramaturg based in Sydney.  They have recently completed a bachelor of Art Theory at the University of New South Whales and have worked at PACT centre for Emerging Artists, Kudos Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art and FBi radio. They are interested in research based practice and performative modes of writing.

Leila El Rayes explores and celebrates vulnerability between melding identities and contexts. Using themes of hardship, desire and uncertainty as a vehicle to intricacy, fragility and beauty. Existing somewhere between the fine line of being visible and invisible; a kaleidoscope of individuality within cultures. 

Ayebatonye is a DJ, event producer, curator and director of Nigerian/Australian descent based in Sydney. Intersecting music, art, dance and activism she is passionate about working to create change through creative means. Ayebatonye is currently working within the community engagement space and is passionate about amplifying the voices of marginalised groups, and advocating for equity.

Enoch Mailangi is an Indigenous and Polynesian writer and text-based artist. Their work focuses on three main ideas: who Indigenous characters are on screen when they’re not busy responding to whiteness, Blak Mediocrity as a legitimate tool against the dangers of Blak Excellence, and celebrity culture as a vehicle of colonisation. Their works explore larger themes of desire and shame.

Jane Inyang is a 21-year old film maker and DJ based in Canberra, Australia. Her work is multidisciplinary and aims to explore the human condition and how we choose to interact with others and ourselves.

Kilia Tipa is a musician and mover original from Auckland, New Zealand and settling on Dharawal land, south-west Sydney. Kilia is a regular performer at underground queer parties and is also a member of Sydney’s iconic vogue house Slè.

Matthew Stegh is an interdisciplinary artist who has worked in the entertainment and arts industries for the past 20 years. His extensive experience includes fashion, costume and set design, styling and art direction for film, television, advertising, theatre and stills photography distributed internationally. Stegh is a founding member of the art collective The Glitter Militia, co-creating parties and events for Sydney’s vibrant queer community (Monsta Gras, Pink Bubble, Clown Cult). Stegh’s fashion label ‘Haus of Hellmutti’ is generating attention locally and internationally for its focus on queer identities, ethical production and salvaged materials.

Moniker is the musical project of Tom Husband, DJ newbie and radio contributor. Moniker fuses different strands of bass music from across the globe in to frenetic sets that are equal parts starry-eyed and chaotic.

O also known as totallytrans, lives up to both their names, as amounting to nothing and very trans. They make work that celebrates their life and the people in it, as a fuck you to the privileged scumos who’d like to think they have it all sorted out and as a love letter to the people who hold them together. Their work has been shown around Australia and the world but they’re still very broke.

Tommy Misa is a Samoan Australian Artist based in Sydney with a background in acting, performance, comedy and writing. Tommy’s work focuses on intersectional and intercultural practice within their experience. Having trained locally at NIDA and the Hub Studio and internationally at the Atlantic Acting School in NYC, Tommy brings a technically focused background to interdisciplinary performance work.

2 Piece Fkn Fed Up: two halves make one hole Two hearts becum one soul Four eyes see one truth 2 Piece Fkn Fed Up are coming for u. Performance group consisting of Stelly Gappasauress and Megan Holloway.

Earlier Event: May 1
Later Event: June 1
(re)present: duty of care