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Exhibiting name
Only complete this field if your exhibiting name is different to your legal name. It doesn't matter whether you put it all in the 'first' or 'last' box. Enter it as it would be spelt, cased and/or punctuated.
Are you active on social media? If you would like to be tagged in any of Firstdraft's promotional media on your show, please provide your social media handles here.
Please upload a 250-350 word statement about your exhibition. This might include information about its conceptual or material underpinnings, and may or may not differ from the content submitted in your original exhibition proposal. The artist statement will be used to form a media release to send to press contacts. If you would prefer you can email this to
Please upload your artist biography here. 150-250 words MAX.Biographies should be written and submitted in the third person. If you would prefer you can email this to
Please upload up to 3 images that are representative of your exhibition or practice to a dropbox or GDrive and paste the 'share' link here. Images should be of high quality, up to 300dpi. Images in landscape-orientation are preferred. Do not upload images containing promotional text e.g. an invitation or flier that you have designed for independent use.
Please format your image caption: ARTIST NAME, WORK NAME, YEAR, MATERIALS, DIMENSIONS, PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT (if applicable) Press the plus sign to enter more captions and enter 1 caption per image
Use this field to enter the official citation required by any sponsors and/or partner organisations associated with your exhibition e.g. "Firstdraft has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body." You may enter multiple citations.