2014 Program pt 2

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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Claire Finneran and Alex Kiers

Opening 25.06.14 6-9pm
Artist Talks 18.07.14 2-4m

‘Comfort Zone’ encapsulates a futuristic vision of waiting room interiors. The artists have created a utopian space for meditative waiting, highlighting the potentially fraudulent nature of those capitalising on Eastern religions and new-age spiritual practice. The artificial recreation of natural elements and appropriation of Buddhist iconography is ubiquitous in waiting room design and suggests disorientation in the depictions of what it means to relax. The theories of ‘positive distraction’ used in healthcare interior design is a main influence, particularly the work of professor Roger Ulrich who proposes the improvement in physiological and emotional well being when surrounded by beautiful visual/aural stimulation. The waiting room of the future has the potential to be a destination in itself, elevating the interim space to a location of comfort, solace and beauty.


Claire Finneran and Alex Kiers are artists from Sydney. This is a first time collaboration. Claire's last exhibition was at Westspace for Melbourne’s Next Wave festival. Claire will be undertaking a Sydney Guild residency in October this year. Alex has recently shown in New Zealand at Dog Park, undertaken a Sydney Guild residency and will be the September artist is residence at Hazelhurst Gallery.

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