Firstdraft is supported by the New South Wales Government through Create NSW, the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, and the City of Sydney through its Accommodation Grant Program.

your donation directly supports emerging and experimental artists

Donating to Firstdraft ensures we can support early-career practitioners by providing free exhibitions and paying artist fees.

Artists are faced with significant costs to realise their work. Providing free exhibitions and artist fees encourages artists to be bold, ambitious, take risks and pursue local and international collaborations.

Every dollar you donate makes a difference. Below are some examples that illustrate the value of your donation:

• $500 gives an artist the opportunity to perform or present work in our Live Nights
• $1,000 gives an artist the opportunity to present a solo show in our Exhibition Program
• $2,500 gives an emerging curator the opportunity to present a group exhibition in our Curators Program
• $10,000 supports an international exchange



Firstdraft thanks our community of donors, who believe in the critical importance of nurturing and championing emerging and experimental artists. Through these donations, and fundraising via our Annual Auction, Firstdraft has been able to offer rent-free exhibitions to artists. Since 2017, all artists in our artistic program have also received artist fees, which has been significant in cementing emerging and experimental arts practice as crucial to the national arts ecology and improving the breadth and quality of our artistic program.

Benefactors Firstdraft gives a special thank you to the children of Michael Hobbs for their generous donation in Michael’s legacy, which supports the ongoing important work that Firstdraft does in the emerging arts community

Champions Jacqui Vanzella, Tina Melick

Friends Dominic Emmett, James Roland, Karina Harris & Neil Hobbs, Lisa Paulsen, Mikala Tai, Sassy Park, Steven Miller, Ursula Sullivan & Joanna Strumpf,



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Claudia Nicholson, Llorando Por Ti (por Santa Marta), 2017, Firstdraft Fundraising Auction, Firstdraft, Sydney, Photo Document Photography 2018
Roberta Joy Rich, The Fairest Cape? An account of a Coloured (installation), 2019, Firstdraft, Sydney 2018 Photo Document Photography courtesy of Art Month
Firstdraft Fundraising Auction, Firstdraft, Sydney, Photo Document Photography 2018
Firstdraft Fundraising Auction, Firstdraft, Sydney, Photo Document Photography 2017