2014 Program pt 2

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Real Life Human Resources

Real Life Human Resources

Event 19.12.14 7-9:30pm

Firstdraft presents the results of a rigorous decision-making process, undertaken in order to create an ideal celebration of Firstdraft's achievements in 2014. See below for a list of people deemed most appropriate for this occasion. They will perform a variety of actions that will mobilise ideas, initiate discussion, and induce an array of sensorial impressions. All this while you enjoy close to cost price beverages, sausage shaped edibles, and revel in the benefits of a cultural policy renaissance.

When: 7pm – 11:30pm
Entry: $5 (free sausage sizzle)
Where: Firstdraft, 13-17 Riley Street
Woolloomooloo (enter via Haig Lane)


Austin Buckett
Giselle Stanborough
Half High
Hamishi Farah, marian and Holly Childs
Jon Rose's 'Team Ball'
Lion Mountain Studio
Marcus Whale's 'Eulogy for Scissor Lock'
Nina Buchanan
Ur 1st Luv

* Performance and set times will be published here closer to the date.

Austin Buckett is an Australian composer and artist working in mediums that explore ideas focused around repetition, the perception of sound and the environments of its presentation. His practice includes writing works for various concert settings, audio-visual installations and producing studio albums.

Giselle Stanborough is an emerging intermedia artist whose practice often addresses online user generated media and the way in which such technologies encourage us to identify and perform notions of self. Most recently she was included as part of the Next Wave Festival for emerging artists and her work has been shown online in The Washington Post’s “Pictures of The Day” and in Hennessy Youngman’s “Art Thoughtz”.

Half High is the project of Sydney based artists Lucy Phelan and Matthew P. Hopkins. Half High map a sonic terrain that is in parts alien and industrial, and in certain locations, tranquil and mesmerising.

Hamishi Farah is a 23 year old mulatto boy from Melbourne. As a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary he is currently concerned with the underrepresentation of dogs, sunsets, and interiors in contemporary art's portrayal of black people. Interested in the de-politicisation of the black man as marginal transgression, he is heavily influenced by Young Thug.

Holly Childs is a writer, editor, artist, curator. She makes work around digital semiotics, transformations of language, fashion, aberration, corruption. Her first novella No Limit was released by Hologram (Melbourne) in April 2014. Her second novella Danklands will be published by Arcadia Missa (London) in December 2014.

Renowned Australian composer, artist, violinist and provocateur Jon Rose presents 'Team Ball'; a performance in many parts involving two netball teams, a referee, two double bassists, a trumpeter, a saxophonist, and an electronic netball.

Lion Mountain Studio is a community recording space operating out of Radio Skid Row. Since 2009 Lion Mountain Studio has provided a locus of activity for many talented MCs and producers from the Sierra Leonian community.

marian has had a lot of shows at firstdraft. shout outs to qt curators she has some availability next year.

Nina Buchanan most often appears in public as one half of experimental synth duo video ezy. she is venturing out to play some synthy keyboard jams solo.

When I was 14 I had all kinds of ideas in my head, all kinds of pastimes, all manner of play at my fingertips. Now, at the age of 24, almost all of these have been stolen from me. I stand nakedly before audiences with pragmatic make-dos and forgeries of my 14 year old self, namings and sounds that might have changed but remain in lieu of their original. So here, at Firstdraft I will lay to waste my nine and a half years of labour with no risk of hope for its future. RIP Scissor Lock 2005-2014.

Ur 1st Luv presents: “I Gave You My Heart’ - an ideal set (in 9 movements) for the firstdraft xmas party. You are reading this to maybe figure out who Ur 1st Luv is and what their work might sound like/be? Ur 1st Luv is Sam Pettigrew and Andrew Brooks. Select the following text and click edit>speech>start speaking.

You don’t know.
I can’t tell you.
You can’t know.
In the past you may have associated Sam with the double bass, with improvising, with the NOW now and with pink milk. You are not wrong.
In the past you may have associated Andrew with the saxophone, with improvising and with the NOW now. You are not wrong.
You are interesting and awesome.
In the present Andrew and Sam are thinking of the ear as a type of brain.
You might know Sam as Sally.
Sally might love you.
Or you might know Andrew as Bookys.
Bookys might love you too.
Good luck.

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