2015 Program pt 1

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Mutt & Jeff

Mutt & Jeff

Oscar Perry & Simon Perry

Opening 01.05.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 23.05.15 6-7pm

Once there lived A Crocodile.
He walked on the streets,
Smoked Cigars,
Spoke Turkish,-

In the footsteps of Woodward & Bernstein, Barnes and Noble, Trinidad and Tabago, Chas' n' Dave, Flannigan and Allan, Sunny and Cher, Smith and Wesson, Bread and Butter comes..... the fire and brimstone collaborboration 'Mutt and Jeff'. Two cannibals are eating a clown during the battle of Stalingrad, one of the cannibals turns to the other, "Does this taste funny too you?" 'Mutt and Jeff' or 'Who's the Carrot? Who's the Stick' is a good cop/ bad cop investigation into the coldest case of them all 'contemporary art'. Flash Forward 21 years. Its 1967... Paul McCartney's dead and Howard Holts missing. See two Dualling Banjos play along to a morse code backing-track. As the dust settles the Idiots go walking, pushing the wooden cart around the bombed out suburbs lannigan leans into to Allen "My life is just a gamble... from the cradle to the grave. To live is just like playing out a cannot help what card the dealer gives you, so make them boast. To moe your lot is just a waste of time....And when you loose the game, don't loose your courage, just call another hand and try again. "


Oscar Perry

Oscar Perry is a Melbourne based artist whose practice combines painting, sculpture, video and performance as a means to construct large thematic installations. Emerging from a collision of slapstick comedy, dilettantism, popular culture and art history Perry’s work investigates contemporary narratives and the mapping of intersecting histories. Often working within a predetermined conceptual framework Perry’s creative process has developed around notions of art as a ‘display’ or tableau, evoking reflections of studio as laboratory and art as artifact.

Oscar Perry was born in Kent, United Kingdom in 1988. In 2010 Perry completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts, before undertaking a Post Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts (Painting) at RMIT in 2012. Perry has held a number of solo and group exhibitions since graduation, including shows at Expo Chicago, Utopian Slumps, Neon Park, Westspace, TCB, Fontanelle, Rearview and Tristian Koenig among other venues.

Simon Perry

Simon Perry is a contemporary artist working in the field of Sculpture and installation. He has received a number of awards and prizes including the Prix de Rome, The Royal Academy Gold Medal for Sculpture, The Landseer SCholarship Award, The Edward Stott travel Scholarship.

He is currently undertaking a PhD at RMIT University in Melbourne which investigates the materiality of sculptural relief in relation to the historical, technological and theoretical context of the city. The project
will investigate how art may reconfigure urban experience in response to the effects of technologically instigated spatial and temporal compression, speed and ocular centrism.

Later Event: May 6
After Firing