2015 Program pt 1

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Wet Matter

Wet Matter

Emily O’Connor

Opening 01.05.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 23.05.15 6-7pm

Wet Matter is a dual-channel video installation concerned with embodiment and technology. It suggests the imbricated relationship between the corporeal and machinic symbiotic to individual and collective metamorphoses. Wet matter, with its viral tendencies to seep in, swallow up and infiltrate is the central image of the work. It represents the collective threat felt by uncontainable fluids, goo, sludge, or blob like formations.

In this installation wet matter has morphic resonance. It acts as a lubricant conducive to the transmutation of bodies. One body, cloaked in red, struggles through endless black fluid and is simultaneously compelled to repeatedly enter it. The other, a perverted half-human named Goo-goo parades a tranquil experience of wetness whilst simultaneously exposing the dark underbelly of the capitalist machine.

Shot on an iPhone and sabotaged in post-production the materiality of the video itself dissolves and mutates. Like wet matter, the bodies within the work appear and disappear, dissolve and emerge, expressing polar qualities of the metamorphic unconscious.


Emily O’Connor is an artist working in video and performance. Her practice advocates a rethinking of the body and desire as informed by corporeal feminist and queer theory and the sciences, particularly entomological theory. O’Connor completed her Honours year in Performance & Theatre Studies at the University of New South Wales at the end of 2013 graduating with first class and winning the Philip Parsons Prize for her thesis. She is currently undergoing a Masters of Time Based Art at COFA. O’Connor is a core and founding member of performance collective Hissy Fit (Nat Randall, Jade Muratore, Emily O’Connor). She has completed internships with the entomology department at CSIRO, Canberra and the Museum fur Naturkunde, Berlin. She has completed residencies at the National Film & Sound Archive, Canberra, NES Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland, Vitalstatistix, Adelaide, Bundanon Trust, NSW and Performance Space, Sydney.

Later Event: May 6
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