2015 Program pt 2

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Fun foam fantastical-fabulous fun!

Fun foam fantastical-fabulous fun!

Rosie Deacon

04.11.2015 - 20.11.2015
Opening 04.11.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 19.11.15 6-7pm

'Fun Foam Fantastical-Fabulous Fun!', is a new installation in fun exploring 700kg of Fun Foam frolicking in the fields of a fun-drenched space.

This Fun Foam was deemed by authorities to be too fun for the average consumer and faced a lifetime of biodegrading in a the not-so-fun, underground, un-enchanted world of landfill. “Not for this little duck of rainbow feathers” cried the Fun Foam in a fanatical frenzy if you'll allow some casual anthropomorphisation to the casual observer, and the foam was delivered to the magical powers of a fun-loving, creator of fun, fun time artist Rosie Deacon. “Malfunction in the material” they said. “The product couldn't be sold as a hobby craft item”, they said. 'Well, bully to you and your life of order like a regimental soldier moonlighting as the fun police” said Deacon as she transformed the foam into a fungi of fun!

As a maker of works, the idea of repetition and accumulation is a cathartic release in that it provides one time to process and understand their own interests and existence. Deacon uses easily accessible materials and what may be described as 'everyday junk' to create pieces that blur the lines between contemporary art, craft and jewellery practice. Deacon repurposes everyday materials such as synthetic eyelashes together with things like acrylic paint, expanding foam, jewels, glittery stickers and clay. The mash up of a diversity of materials affects the meaning of the work and how an audience may interpret the idea of artists' process.


Rosie Deacon (b. 1985) is a Sydney-based artist working in sculpture and installation. She engages with the spectacle of obsession and realms of the absurd. In 2010, Deacon graduated from UNSW COFA with first class honours and was the recipient of both the Gallery Barry Keldoulis Grant for Emerging Artists and the Dinosaur Designs Prize. She has held solo exhibitions at Gaffa Gallery and 107 projects, Redfern and been included in group shows across Sydney, Newcastle and Sheffield, UK. In 2014, Deacon was selected as the inaugural Runway Annual Artist Commission. In 2015, Deacon was invited as the Guest Artist for Studio A's project for Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island. Deacon exhibited at abandoned theme park 'Adventureland' for Campbelltown Arts Centre's Winter Wonderland, and was recently included in Performance Contemporary for Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks.

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