2015 Program pt 2

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Simon Del Favero

05.08.2015 - 28.08.2015
Opening 05.08.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 27.08.15 6-7pm

Liminal reformulates the photographic image as an encounter with a visual threshold that draws us into a series of twilight spaces, spaces not immediately visible, yet spaces that define and transcend the solitary image.

It presents a series of found objects photographed in their real world environments. These objects act as visual connectors, precipitating the viewer’s perception beyond the object itself into the indefinite space that envelops and defines it.

In contrast to conventional notions of the photograph as a stand-alone thing, existing within a visual field of other stand-alone things, Liminal explores how photography can experientially reveal the space beyond the photograph rather than simply documenting an object or bringing it to life.

In other words, it investigates how the photograph as an object and the object within a photograph, exist in a deeper field of visual relationships beyond the conventional field of vision. The photograph here operates as a threshold, triggering the viewer’s shift from a world of solitary objects to a world of open-ended situations, a world of interrelated spaces. This deeper field of spatial relationships can only be evoked, hence the optical ambiguity of the photographic objects in Liminal suspended in a digital chiaroscuro.


Simon Del Favero’s current photographic practice is focused on how contemporary space, rather than existing as a passive setting, emerges as an active theatre of objects, shadows and colour. This theatre provides a platform for engaging with an infinity that is immediate, a new sublime produced by the everyday. He recently completed a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Sydney.

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