2015 Program pt 2

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Our Fetid Rank

Our Fetid Rank

Emily Parsons-Lord

07.10.2015 - 30.10.2015
Opening 07.10.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 28.10.15 6-7pm

The air of each exhaled word from a politician talking about climate change is about 100 times richer in carbon dioxide. Roughly 21 shallow breaths a minute - depending on the politician - over 100 minutes uses about 5,250 litres of air. Dank air.

Our Fetid Rank responds to the aesthetics of anthropogenic climate change. Alongside the tropes of retreating glaciers and melting icebergs is always a politician talking.

Captured is the air used to physically shape the words that constitute cyclical discourses, futile dialogues and fervent denials of climate change. They reveal publicly canvassed suspended private moments of cognition/reflection, glimpses of emotion, unconscious ticks, and dubious authenticity.

Dank, humid, moist. Foul, fetid, rank.

The subconscious tendency to mirror breathing patterns has physiological effects on the viewer, inducing a hyperventilated claustrophobia and involuntary proximity to the mouths of our elected rank.


Emily Parsons-Lord is a Sydney based cross disciplinary artist whose practice is informed by research and dialogue with materials and climate science. Our Fetid Rank is a continuation of an investigation into material understandings of air, as well as the immateriality of air. Exploring air as both a physical material, as well as an amorphous subconscious, or bridge to a netherworld, her work queries the cultural understanding of Anthropocenic traces in air: “Anthropo(s)cenery”. Her recent work includes recreating the air from past eras in Earth’s evolution, looking for the visible in the invisibility of air, exploring ‘voids’ with silica aerogel materials, falsifying tree ring formation, and recreating starlight in smoke bombs. Parsons-Lord has exhibited at Underbelly Arts 2015, Proximity Festival 2014/2015, Perth Centre of Photography, This is Not Art, amongst others, and will undertake an Ars Bioarctica residency in northern Finland in 2016.

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