2015 Program pt 2

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Specifically Speaking

Firstdraft presents Specifically Speaking

curated by David Capra

Firstdraft presents Specifically Speaking curated by David Capra

Following from the festivities of VOLUME 2015 | Another Art Book Fair, join Australia's longest running artist-run initiative Firstdraft for a unique party celebrating an artist's way with words. The night will present performances, dazzling powerpoint presentations, a haiku championship and roaming karaoke. Drinks and food available.

Mitchel Cumming
Daniel Green
Kate MacDonald
Daniel McKewen
Giselle Stanborough
The Rangoons
Pia Van Gelder & James Nichols' Croon-A-Cart

7 - 11pm, $5 entry
13 - 17 Riley St, Woolloomooloo.



7pm: BBQ

8.15pm: Giselle Stanborough's The Bachelor: A Polygamist's Guide to Monogamy.
Stanborough has recently been consumed by a television show: "How odd to construct a gameshow in which the methodology of competition so markedly contrasts its professed goal and prize. From Blake to Bachman, from confessional monologues to group dates, lets have an amazing time together making some genuine connections".

8.30pm: Daniel Green's World Championship Haiku
Centuries of poetic beauty, now in deathmatch form.

9.00pm: Kate MacDonald's Test #1: Dance Karaoke.
A participatory work of words and dance. Be taken to the basketball court for a slurry night out and be moved by karaoke beats. C'mon, let's dance!

9.30pm: The Rangoons
A special performance by the dynamic and unpredictable Sydney-based band.

Roaming: Pia Van Gelder & James Nichols' Croon-A-Cart
A roving Karaoke party machine using open-source technology and a DIY attitude

Tunes throughout by Adonis


New work by Mitchel Cumming


Daniel McKewen's Something 2.0
Something 2.0 appropriates film footage of ‘Brangelina’ to trap the pair within an endless therapy session. As they exchange unheard words, smiles, and laden glances, they bear Pinocchio-like textual protrusions that suggest an alternative narrative where the language of melodrama shifts into comical ambiguity and collapses into cliché.

Earlier Event: September 2