2015 Program pt 2

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The Symbol for Silence is Called Zero

The Symbol for Silence is Called Zero

Justin Balmain

03.06.2015 - 26.06.2015
Opening 03.06.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 25.06.15 6-7pm


Language is constantly on the move; shifting in position, utterance, and context.

An Alphabet is the written symbols of the letters we use to speak. In English there is no symbol corresponding to silence, the closest exists within the International Phonetic Language in the form of a circle with a diagonal line through it.

The symbol for silence is called ZERO.

Whenever something is said, there is also silence. Sound fills space, but it also empties it.


Justin Balmain is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Sydney, Australia, whose methodology forms out of an inquisitive exploration of varying media. His research and practice is informed by communication and language, means of content distribution, and communities that form out of Internet usage and a 'connected' culture. His most recent studio works experiment with performative and visual methods of mediation, distribution and communication and ruminate on mediated social contact and the availability of 'real-time' in a space that is hyper-real.

Justin has exhibited widely in Australia and New Zealand, and holds a Master of Fine Art by Research from UNSW School of Media Arts. From 2011-12 he was on the Board of Directors of Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, and is a cofounder of the collective SLUSH.