2015 Program pt 2

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Towards a New Architecture

Towards a New Architecture

Amanda Williams

05.08.2015 - 28.08.2015
Opening 05.08.15 6-8pm
Artist Talks 27.08.15 6-7pm

“I will begin by drawing attention to this crucial fact: a plan proceeds from the inside out, for a house or a palace is an organism similar to any living creature… the out-side is always an inside”. -Le Corbusier

towards a new architecture takes its title from the 1926 manifesto Vers une architecture by Le Corbusier. The publication comprised a series of essays, illustrations and photographs designed to state a case for reviving architecture, and it could be argued reviving ‘a life’, in the aftermath of WWI. Very much a product of the thinking of the day, it revisits primitive and classical concepts to imagine a future free from the constraints of the present. Yet despite its Utopian contradictions, it remains, in the words of architectural theorist Reyner Banham, the most influential work “beyond that of any other architectural work published in [the 20th] century”.

The new series of photographs and sculptures presented in this exhibition question the enduring significance of Le Corbusier’s legacy and ask whether a new architecture is possible today in this post-modern era of hybrid space and forms. The allegory of the cave is the central motif used here; a primitive space that represents countless symbolic fears and desires and like the womb, is the ultimate primordial refuge.


Amanda Williams is a Sydney based artist whose practice explores the history of photography and architectural modernism. Current work engages with the legacy of Le Corbusier, his architecture and his utopian methodology. Amanda Williams recently completed a Master of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts USYD. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Art history and Theory) from the same university and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours from UNSW, for which she was awarded the University medal. Recent group exhibitions include Hazelhurst Art on Paper award 2015, Obscured at BUS projects, Melbourne 2014, State of Flux, Delmar Gallery, Sydney 2013.

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