2016 Program pt 1

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Pig Dog

Pig Dog

Peter Dudding, Curated by Paul Williams

Opening 02.03.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 24.03.16 6-7pm

Pig Dog, curated by Paul Williams will showcase a selection of work from artist Peter Dudding.
Peter is a painter, drawer & master mark maker and ceramicist who has been making art weekly for over a decade. During this time the artist has produced a vast body of work; work that has largely never been exhibited.

Recently, Peter joined the Studio A collective, a supported studio providing professional development to artists with intellectual disability. Despite his proficiency with the style, Peter had never before worked with another abstract expressionist. So, through Studio A, Peter connected with established abstract artist Paul Williams. The intent was for Paul to ‘mentor’ Peter. However, it soon became apparent that rather than any teacher/student relationship, this was instead to be an equal exchange between two artists sharing ideas, jokes and the pure enjoyment of mark making.

Pig Dog offers an important opportunity for Peter’s work to be seen. The size of Peter’s portfolio is immense, almost overwhelming. Paul William’s curatorship provides audiences with an informed introduction to Peter’s work, a means of navigating this artist’s incredible oeuvre. Paul’s role further speaks of the specific assistance Peter requires. That is, Peter does not so much require mentorship in the production of artwork, rather he requires assistance in letting his work be seen and taken seriously be contemporary art audiences.

1 – Studio A provides professional development to artists with disability

Pig Dog is supported by Studio A. Studio A provides professional development to artists with intellectual disability

Studio A is supported by the NSW government through the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Lifetime Care and Support Authority, and Arts NSW


Witnessing the work and working method of artist, Peter Dudding has been like a hard slap to the face, or a good deep belly laugh, a smelly fart or a burp after a good meal – it’s real and it wakes you up. It’s many pages of musical colour, brutal scrawls and dancing marks is the outpouring of the inner workings of a man who has developed a rich personal language. His wild and uninhibited use of colour has been one of the most exciting things I have had the privilege to witness in a long time. When looking at Peter’s work I think of others who have worked in such ways; Jean Michel Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Jean Debuffet and in the now – Joshua Smith. Peter has an enormous body of work with a rich catalogue of personal iconography that Peter can pull forward when he chooses; pig dog, Heartbeat and/or Phantom of the Opera.

In recent years with painting, we have seen a return to a kind of muddiness, a ‘non-image’, the abject, a kind-of riffing off of painting’s recent history and a strong sense of play, joy of mark-making and the material presence of paint. Within this context, Peter definitely holds his own.

Artist Paul Williams reflection on the work of Studio A artist Peter Dudding. Peter is a prolific painter, drawer, master mark maker and ceramicist & a much valued member of Studio A.

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