2016 Program pt 1

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Soft Ions

Soft Ions

Finn Marchant

Opening 01.06.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 23.06.16 6-7pm

Borrowing its title from one of the first short stories to be written entirely by a computer, Soft Ions adopts this mode of content creation to explore the changing role of authorship as a result of the internet. With much of computer generated content now existing on the fringes of user contact - created, distributed and viewed in mostly server to server exchanges - prior distinctions between computer and user-created content have become increasingly blurred. The works in the exhibition reflect on this context, incorporating both images generated by modified open source code and assembled physical objects. Through iterative process works are reduced to a simple set of randomised formal concerns in an attempt to de-centralise the role of author within this exhibition.


Finn Marchant is a Sydney based artist working across installation and digital media. His work has been included in group shows including: Life is Hard, firstdraft, Sydney, 2014; Mono no Aware, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne, 2013; and Living in the Ruins of the Twentieth Century, UTS Gallery, Sydney, 2013. He also recently co-curated My Feet Would Hurt if They Still Existed with Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer at Alaska Projects. Marchant completed a Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media (Honours) at UTS in 2014.