2016 Program pt 1

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The Beginning of Heaven and Earth Has No Name

The Beginning of Heaven and Earth Has No Name

Nathan Thompson

Opening 01.06.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 23.06.16 6-7pm

Out of the corner of his eye the Dean spotted the demon sitting on a stool manufacturing rainbows; seemingly out of thin air.
“Nice work if you can get it,” he said in an attempt to break the ice.
“Yeah” said the demon turning his head and sneaking a cheese burger from a stash hidden under his stool.
The Dean noted the cheese burgers; rainbows were no free lunch.
“How’s business?” asked the demon.
“Appalling,” replied the Dean. “I’ve also been trying to make rainbows, from a supply of discount sellotape and glue, but separating the tepid from the lukewarm is taking more energy than it is worth.”
He eyed the decreasing stack of cheese burgers.
“You need some sort of program of innovation, a kind of minor stimulus package,” offered the demon.
“Tried that last season, got the content for free but my administration costs went through the roof. Had to fire the staff that didn’t own suits, lost nearly half of them; ended up stuck with a truck load of last year’s technology.”
“I know a guy out West that can probably take it off your hands, runs a mixed business; fabric mainly. Maybe he could do you a trade?”
“Can’t go near the craft thing again,” the Dean replied. “Unless you have a cheap source of labor and a gallery with serious turn over, the staff won’t touch it.”
“Certainly, it is a world of decreasing returns.”
A shadow fell over them. The demon chewed on his burger.
“These things don’t make themselves you know.”


Nathan Thompson has been a practicing artist and musician for over twenty years. His work incorporates sound, video, sculpture and drawing. His current research explores self-organising systems and perceptual connections to the environment. He has an extensive history exhibiting and releasing art and music both nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include Black Field Plates at Audio Foundation (Auckland 2014); Drawn From Sound curated by Cat Hope (Perth and Sydney, 2013/14); Teleporter at ISEA (Singapore, 2008). He has released albums on labels including Corpus Hermeticum, Last Visible Dog, and Siltbreeze and has performed in festivals including Space and Place (Stockholm) and Lines of Flight (NZ).