2016 Program pt 2

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At the Equinox

At the Equinox

Emma Hamilton

Opening 05.10.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 27.10.16 6-7pm

At the Equinox explores our markers of perception within the landscape of a small Norwegian island close to the Arctic Circle.

The project addresses the Arctic Circle and the equinox as two perceptual indicators of space and time.
At the Equinox examines the Arctic Circle as a border defined by perception. The Arctic Circle is the southern-most latitude where the sun remains continuously above or below the horizon line for at least 24 hours each year, a line defined by viewing the sun. While the Arctic Circle is depicted definitively on a map, on the ground this line becomes uncertain.
Two figures attempt to create a line across the landscape by ‘trapping’ a strip of space between a camera and its reflection in a mirror. This attempt to find a potential line of the Arctic Circle within the landscape is captured across entire rolls of medium format slide film.

The equinox is the precarious tipping point between the extremes of light and dark of the summer and winter solstices, a fleeting moment of balance. The light of the equinox sun becomes a spotlight, illuminating the search for navigational markers on the surface of the landscape.


Emma Hamilton is a Melbourne-based artist who has a keen interest in the materiality of the photograph. Oscillating between sculpture and photography, her practice grapples with the intersection of these mediums, bringing photography into sculptural space as well as placing sculptural objects into the space of the photograph. Her work probes the disparities between the observed and the recorded: the camera’s view comparative to our experiential, visual observations.

Emma has an active interest in responding to varied locations and landscapes, researching and making work in France, Norway, Romania, New Zealand, as well as metropolitan and regional Australia. She has exhibited widely in Melbourne, as well as presenting her work in Sydney, Perth, Fremantle, Launceston, Mildura and Nantes (France). In 2014 she was awarded a three-month residency in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts by the Australia Council for the Arts. In 2014 she exhibited in SafARI, a fringe event to the Sydney Biennale, and in 2013 was selected to take part in the 2013 Mildura Palimpsest Biennale. Emma completed a Masters of Fine Art by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013, her final Masters work coming second place in the inaugural Linden Art Prize.

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