2016 Program pt 2

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Sand. River. Blood. Bone.

Sand. River. Blood. Bone.

Imbi Davidson

Opening 03.08.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 25.08.16 6-7pm

“All the land is filled with mysteries, and this place fairly sings with them.”
- Keri Hulme, The Bone People

Sand. River. Blood. Bone. is an exhibition of abstract paintings by visual artist Imbi Davidson. The work is an enquiry into the interstitial spaces between our human experience and response to elemental forces and phenomena inherent in the landscape.

Through the use of abstract narrative the works in this exhibition seek to elucidate a primal visual response to these concepts associated with sand, river, blood and bone.

Imbi’s work is inspired by the landscape in its myriad forms; its patterning, patina, history, contour, story and bones. Her paintings are an intuitive or inner response to landscape, giving resonance to its deeper, untold form.

Working with a range of mixed media from blood, rock, earth, pigment, paint, water, plants and oils, Imbi’s works create a layered synthesis between solid forms of colour, liquid bleeds, lines and marks/scratches.

Imbi’s recent works map the valleys, mountains and ranges of the Northern Rivers region and are in part a response to histories that are enmeshed into layers of the landscape. The underlying concept for this exhibition is therefore, to attempt to understand these various layers and make sense of the essential experience resonant within certain places.

The work for this exhibition has been created both in-situ/out on country and in the furnace of the studio. Specific sites have been drawn, studied, stitched and infused into the paintings. Each painting references a particular place of significance or site (river, lake, rock, camp) and registers a collection of primal responses associated to each place.

Sand. River. Blood. Bone.


Imbi Davidson is a visual artist currently living on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. Originally from South Australia, Imbi spent 12 years living across the Northern Territory before relocating to NSW.

Imbi was awarded an Australian Post Graduate Award to complete her Masters Degree in Visual Arts, researching the art of native plants in Australia with a focus on Indigenous and abstract representations of plants and the landscape. Her MA Thesis The Casuarina Tree – Visual Translations of Native Plants and Art in Australia (2012), is catalogued in the National Library of Australia.

In 2009, Imbi was awarded an Australia Council Emerging Artist Mentorship Grant, working with artist/mentor India Flint.

Imbi’s recent solo exhibitions include;cThe Bridge (RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs), The Palisades – Stories of the Mountains (Northern Rivers Regional Gallery), Tales of the Winds (The Channon Gallery), Unchartered Country (Arts Northern Rivers), The Lost City (The Chan Contemporary Gallery) & Lost At Sea (RAFT Artspace, Darwin).

Her work explores a mythopoetic landscape of colour, shape and motion; unravelling mountainous stories embedded in the folds, depths and boundaries raging against storming skies. The works range over geometric contours of the landscape in juxtaposition with wild, emotional sky-scapes. Imbi’s works capture the tensions between earth and sky, inner and outer, whilst finding linear points of intersection and connection.

Imbi has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand, South-East Asia, India, Canada and Australia. Her work is held in numerous private collections.