2018 Program pt 1

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Grace Blake

Opening 02.05.18 6-8pm
Artist Talks 24.05.18 6-7pm

Driven by the desire to explore speculative realities within architecture and design, Fabrications is an exhibition informed by science fiction futures and present-day promise. In this exhibition, Blake creates structures that explore new forms and material possibilities, summoning visions of optimism and dystopia.

The exhibition is an entry to the entropic materiality of science fiction, where a tension between the technological and the human are often played out through objects and spaces. Where the agency of the individual and the march of progress collide.

In Fabrications, entanglements between tools, fixtures and environments occurs in a composite of polymers and gloss. Simultaneously, new and utopian whilst also grotesque, distorted and compromised. Fabrication implies creation and; construction, particularly by machine, but also hints at untruth and dishonesty.


Grace Blake a a digital and installation artist based between Canberra and Sydney. Blake creates digital spaces and scenarios that explore relationships between technology and its human users. She brings found and photographed digital imagery into modelling and editing software to create hypothetical architecture and objects, which are increasingly placed within accompanying installations. Interested in the materiality of commercial printing, prototyping and fabrication, Blake attempts the balance the sleak with the improvised in her exploration of speculative Architecture and design. Blake will graduate ANU school of Art and Design in 2018.