2018 Program pt 1

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Keep it Real!

Keep it Real!

Kevin Diallo

Opening 04.03.18 6-8pm
Artist Talks 29.03.18 6-7pm

“Keep it Real” is a series of works that interrogates black and African authenticity in a post-colonial context. The exhibition aims at presenting blackness as complex, multifaceted and fluid.

“Keep it Real” explores the tensions that arise resulting from the circulation of “Black cool” aesthetic within popular channels of distribution, the performance of blackness in a contemporary context, the use of blackness as a disposable commodity and the behaviours that do not fit institutionalized ideas around individuals acting their races.

Through installations, sculptures, photography and alternative photographic practices, “Keep it Real” aims at subverting the White gaze and redefining Black and African identities in the digital age. The exhibition also interrogates whether new media art could be used as a means for self-identification and critique.


Kevin Diallo is a Sydney based artist originally from the Ivory-Coast. His practice is rooted in post-colonial discourse and more particularly within post-blackness theory. Diallo’s work investigates how institutionalized ideas of Black and African authenticity can be deconstructed and challenged through contemporary online and photo based media practices.

Kevin has recently exhibited in a number of group show at Gaffa, Alaska Projects, Cold Cuts Project and the Alliance Francaise.

After completing a Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media (honours) from UTS in 2016, Diallo will be starting his Research Master at the University of Technology Sydney in 2018.