2018 Program pt 1

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Watch All, the act of seeing

Watch All, the act of seeing

Dalton Stewart

Opening 04.04.18 6-8pm
Artist Talks 26.04.18 6-7pm

Dalton Stewart: Watch All, the act of seeing developed over a studio residency at Firstdraft, comprises of corporeal structures that aim to visualise the relationships between layers of visual cultures, space and communication technologies.

Translating architectural structures within urban settings, Stewarts work juxtaposes materials to consider the liminal moments in time where the subject or material function as filtering devices, mediating the act of seeing. His work considers our present perceptual condition, where information landscapes have allowed singular experiences to become collective and linear.

The installation speculates, a fragmented work environment, reimagining everyday structures that become supports, interventions and framing devices. Ultimately questioning the impact of how our shifting material world abstracts our senses of time and space, labour and leisure, public and private.


B. Johannesburg, 1996, Dalton Stewart is a multidisciplinary artist working from Melbourne. Through transformative optical views – transparent images, screens, and filters, he aims to reconcile our hyper-digitized present. Stewart completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2016 and has exhibited at Kings Gallery, George Paton, Margaret Lawrence Gallery and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.