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Saviya Lopes, Maithili Bavkar & Kanika Makhija

CHI CHI, if you said it in a sentence it would be an in between sound that sits between disgust and dismay. A deeply feminine sound, this noise tells you under no uncertain terms are you either right, or wrong; you are just CHI CHI. CHI CHI is a hybrid negotiation of sound, drawing, space & body, I would like to invite the women artists of Clark House Initiative [CHI] Bombay, India: Saviya Lopes, Maithili Bavkar, and Kanika Makhija, to explore contemporary experiences of living and negotiating bodies and space in a Mega City. This play on words is both an invitation and an opportunity to look at alternative practices being generated by emerging artists based out of Bombay, India. Clark House Initiative [CHI] (Bombay) is a curatorial and artist union. Established in 2010 by Sumesh Sharma and Zasha Colah. CHI is concerned with strategies of freedom, equality, the rereading of histories, and how representation and visibility, are ways to imagine alternative economies and freedom within artistic practice. In particular it is invested in working with minority communities within Bombay such as the Dalit and Romani communities. There are currently more than 17 members of Clark House who reside in Bombay and across the seas.



Saviya Lopes lives and works in Vasai, Bombay, India. She recently graduated from Rachna Sansad Academy of Fine Art, and is the youngest participating artist at Clark House Initiative where she is currently a co-director. Lopes’ graduating research thesis took form of a confession in which she confronts various identities. She often works with the histories of the place in which she lives as well as with her own family archives.

Maithili Bavkar is an emerging Indian artist based in Bombay. Through her practice she seeks to engage in conversations about the lived experiences of women’s lives in her community. She uses drawing, stitching and the colour black to investigate identity, specifically exploring the conditions which lead to a woman being married.

Kanika Makhija identifies herself as an artist and a researcher. She attainted her Master’s in Visual Arts from Ambedkar University, Delhi (2016) She has been part of several group shows, with recently being Take/The/City curated by Niccolo Moscatelli supported by Clark House Initiative(2017), International Print Exchange, initiated by Green Door Printmaking Studios, Derby, UK (2017) and Narcissism and Social Interaction, Curated by Parasher Naik at Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, India (2017).

Opening 07.11.18 6-8pm
Artist Talks 29.11.18 6-7pm

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Later Event: November 7
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