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Meet Space

Meet Space

Jannah Quill

Opening 01.03.17 6-8pm
Artist Talks 23.03.17 6-7pm

Meet Space uses the game development platform Unity to create a speculative environment. Existing across screen, sound and physical form, the installation uses words and images to produce a suspended space: a space that traces the experiential slippage between connection/disconnection, reality/construction, and online/offline.
Meet Space is a 3D constructed environment that functions as a zone for contemplation and writing. A body of intimate texts relay experiences of a screen-driven culture, drawing on the real experiences that constructed virtual spaces provide. These texts are placed within the constructed space in the form of sound, becoming an element in a sonic installation that uses reverberation software to simulate space.
Four camera angles, (corresponding with the four monitors), allow access points into the 3D space. A series of prints and sculptural forms allow the space to spill out from the screen, into the physical space of the gallery.


Jannah Quill in an artist and musician working in Sydney. Her work takes an experimental approach to the uncasing of electrical processes and examines the role of and our relationship to technology interfaces. Manifesting in installation, performance and recorded sound, her work has been exhibited in varying forms within Sydney and Australia, including at The Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Underbelly Arts and Artspace (in collaboration with Eugene Choi), Queens Theatre in Adelaide, Liquid Architecture festival in Melbourne and Fake Estate Gallery in association with Metro Arts in Brisbane.

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