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Soliloquies From Small Spaces

Soliloquies From Small Spaces

Andrew Varano

Opening 03.05.17 6-8pm
Artist Talks 25.05.17 6-7pm

I cried at that video where the ex-marine with PTSD got a puppy for Christmas. So, so small in his big, big hands. After an incident at work I went for a long bushwalk alone, thinking about how at a picnic once someone told me that a Spartan warrior’s armour weighed 18 kilograms and that they left weak babies in the fields to die.

The I Ching said that my withdrawal need not be a defeat, but could be as proud and confident as the retreat of the sandpiper before the incoming tide. Repression is when you bury a painful feeling or thought from your awareness at the risk that it may resurface in symbolic form. In the multiplayer game server PU55YB4CON69’s shield had a beautiful male face on it that looked like Bas Jan Ader crying.

I lit some uncrossing candles in my garden where the bad energy had pooled. Bas’ mother Johanna Adriana Ader-Appels: “When he passed the border of birth, I laid him at my breast, Rocked him in my arms. He was very small then.”

At work he said to me; “Do you know what my history is where people have shut me down?” I told him he wasn’t my daddy. Sublimation is when you redirect unacceptable, instinctual drives into personally and socially acceptable channels.

The Bocca della Verita – that sad, soft face – was made to be a drain cover in the temple of Hercules, providing a release for the rain pouring through the open ceiling. Imagine Hercules crying in reverse, as if some god were pissing into his mouth from Mount Olympus. Regression is reverting to a less mature way of handling stresses and feelings. Wouldn’t it be nice to fit inside a clam shell?

‘soliloquies from small spaces’ is a new exhibition by Perth based artist, Andrew Varano, which is concerned with defence mechanisms, the manchild, hiding and the colour green.


Andrew Varano is an artist, writer and curator from Perth. In 2009 he attended the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Italy, studying under the visiting professor Walid Raad. He completed his degree with honours at Curtin University in 2010 and also in that year he received the inaugural Dr Harold Schenberg Prize for his work in PICA’s ‘Hatched’ graduate exhibition. Between 2011 and 2013, along with Jamie Macchiusi and Gemma Weston, he was a co-director at OK Gallery in Perth, which exhibited new work from local, national and international artists. In 2015 he participated in the Australia Council’s emerging curator program at the Venice Biennale and in 2016 he worked as the Acting Curator at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Currently, Along with Daniel Bourke and Gemma Weston, he is a member of Pet Projects, which operates both as an artist run gallery space and artistic collaboration ( Andrew is currently working on the fourth episode of ‘Status Effect’, a podcast he edits and produces that commissions long form audio articles from artists and arts workers ( He has published writing in Un Magazine, AQNB and Artlink as well as written exhibition texts for PICA, Fremantle Arts Centre and others. ‘soliloquies from small spaces’ is his first solo exhibition in Sydney.

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