2014 Program pt 2

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Emma Finneran

Opening 23.07.14 6-9pm
Artist Talks 26.07.14 2-4m

DUELUX is a body of work that pays homage to the humble drop sheet. Drop sheets, in all their thick, porous, glory, have a prescribed function in life: to catch the excess paint from Mum’s feature wall, to loyally serve and protect the ground beneath from heinous Dulux-decisions, to never be washed, to be rendered forgotten, formless, shapeless, degraded - to be dropped.

In my practice, I am motivated by the opportunity to re-animate drop sheets into what I consider their natural conclusions: paintings. I am eternally on the hunt for pre-“loved” drop sheets. The incidental marks are the beginnings of any painting I produce anew - the existing splatters of “Egg Shell White” or “Sunflower Yellow”, are the characters, catalysts and provocations of a painting yet-to-be-realised. My practice is a dialogue between myself and the anonymous former owner/splatterer of the drop sheets that I utilise – an unrequited exchange that romantically recalls the figurehead of many Australian childhood artistic aspirations, Mr. Squiggle. In emancipating the drop sheet from the floor to the wall, I intend to celebrate and foreground the casual beauty of its existing composition.


Emma Finneran is a Sydney-based artist who recently completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. Her practice utilises the pre-loved dropsheet and the incidental markings borne of its prescribed life as the inherent beginnings of brand new compositions. Emma has been an Artist in Residence at Sydney Guild, Sydney where she also presented her first solo exhibition in March, 2014 as their representative for Art Month Sydney, 2014. She is currently Artist in Residence at Firstdraft, Sydney, and is actively engaged in participatory and production capacities in the practices of other Sydney-based artists including Hossein Ghaemi and Justene Williams.

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