2014 Program pt 2

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Thought Cues

Thought Cues

Danny Wild

Opening 23.07.14 6-9pm
Artist Talks 26.07.14 2-4m

Thought Cues is an immersive installation that uses microprocessors to control audio-visual, found and constructed objects that are related to the dissociation of urban life.

Ernest Hilgards’ hidden observer theory suggests that conscious information can be accessed in somnambulistic states of sub consciousness – which will not be remembered when returning to consciousness. I am taking that idea and applying it to daily tasks and functions of urban life.

Everyday common objects, sounds and visual textures we wouldn’t normally notice are displaced and activated in the space. Objects I have placed in the room (wooden sculpture, lights and found objects) are brought to attention through the use of sonic sensors and motors.

Rotating plinths with coffee mugs are controlled by kitchen bench top sounds – socks move around an over engineered, kinetic washing-line that overlook a 3D collage of the awkward surrounding environment. The space is surrounded by a music concrete work titled “symphony for the suburbs” – taking common, suburban sounds and making them unrecognizable.

The representation of the hidden observer is realised through the audience’s engagement with media such as the sonic sensor and microcomputers - which control the audio, video and sculptural elements of the installation. The technology in this case is the hidden observer and acts on behalf of the audience to activate the objects that the audience might not otherwise be aware of.


Danny Wild is a visual artist living and working in Canberra, Australia. His practice encompasses audio, video and film elements into installation, expanded cinema and performance works. Danny incorporates everyday local experience such as daily routine, holidays or visiting the shopping mall into an expanded new media context. Often re-appropriating analogue and digital technologies’ functions to recontextualise their application in contemporary society. Danny has curated and participated in a number of exhibitions and events nationally in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. He is a founding member of AV art collective Zonk Vision.

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