2016 Program pt 2

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Devine Debris

Devine Debris

Szymon Dorabialski

Opening 02.11.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 25.11.16 6-7pm

Divine Debris: Worshipping the Invisible, Demanding an Explanation.

Grappling the relationships between the ego and the spirit by way of altered states of consciousness and poetic contemplations of the everyday. This exhibition is primarily concerned with the transcendental and the languages used as an attempt to explain or symbolise the divine. “Divine Debris” is part of an ongoing intuitive development of a body of work consisting of physical manifestations or ‘poetic relics’ from both the personal and cultural transcendental realm. An observation on the way humans have intentionally attempted to represent the unexplainable, and the rituals through which we, unconsciously, by some evolutionarily force, strive to create and recreate this realm from the sediment of inherited cultural representation. Upon considering an anthropological artefact, in a museum (particularly a religious or ritualistic relic), a certain anxiety for the future may stir the conscience. A kind of future that exists outside the notion of time. When entering a temple, mosque or church we see the intricate geometry, the vibrant colours and light amongst the heavy, time weathered stone. One may sense an uneasy feeling of connection to something akin to a computer program or virtual reality software. As if maybe these metaphors for the transcendental realm of the divine represent not only our pre human origins but also where we are heading as a species into a virtual post-physical rhizomatic network of the Internet, or other such scientific advances, one anticipates the discovery of the realm of anti-matter. We worship the invisible. But demand imagery and an explanation.


Szymon Dorabialski was born in Sydney to Polish migrant parents. As a child he was so terrified of other people that he could not be sent to kindergarten. Growing up in semi-remote bushland suburbia, his only friends were the local dogs, who would all show up at his home at sunrise to begin another day of questionable activities. Szymon has since become more or less a man and has learnt to coexist with humans in activities considered more or less appropriate. He is currently a candidate for MFA at SCA.

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