2016 Program pt 2

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A Summit Wouldn't do Without You (Dreaming the Dream)

A Summit Wouldn't do Without You (Dreaming the Dream)


Opening 06.07.16 6-8pm
Artist Talks 28.08.16 6-7pm

A goal is a dream with a deadline

Since 2013, 110% have been creating works of performance, video and mixed media installation through a combination of long distance collaboration and occasional physical proximity. During these extended periods of separation, stranded in the swampy flatlands of Sydney and Berlin, we have often discussed our shared dream of one day reuniting atop a mountainous peak to hold a summit on a summit. In this fantasised expedition, the three of us travel from our respective locations to the foot of a mountain in the Swiss Alps. We ascend the mountain following individual trajectories to meet face to face at the top. Together at last, we celebrate our peak achievement with a group hug, nature appreciation and team-bonding session. Hi-fives all round! We made it! What’s next!?

A goal without a plan is just a wish

A Summit Wouldn’t Do Without You (Dreaming the Dream) is the first leg in a 3 stage journey towards realising our vision of alpine togetherness. For the Firstdraft July program, 110% presents a month of collaborative dreaming experiments, diving deep into an exploration of the physical and symbolic geographies of mountains in Western philosophies of aspiration and achievement. Beneath the towering drapery of our (hu)man made Mt. Motivation installation, we will host a series of public dreaming workshops with invited guests Sarah the Psychic, sound artist Jannah Quill, and Raclette-loving relatives from the semi-Swiss side of Lachie’s family.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

After dreaming dreams at Firstdraft, 110% will travel with Mt. Motivation to Bus Projects, Melbourne, to present part II: Training is the Essence of Transformation. Having completed a month of acclimatisation exercises there, we will set our sights on the final ascent, meeting in Geneva in the spring of 2017 to mount a Swiss alp of our choosing.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

This project considers how self-help philosophies frame the mountain as nature’s challenge - a mystical obstacle to be encountered, climbed and conquered. Through our pilgrimage towards the mountaintop of our dreams, we will reflect on the exotic lure of alpine landscapes, the aura of triumph that surrounds the ascent to a metaphoric and physical peak, and post-ascent trajectories of disillusionment and ambivalence.

Once you’ve reached the top, where else is there to go?


110% (Kieran Bryant, Beth Dillon, Lachlan Herd) create performance and video installations that develop from a shared interest in playing with amateur choreographies of bodies in space; the value of artistic labour; and the dynamics of hosting. Previous works have investigated competitive cultures of positive thinking; links between art appreciation and the pursuit of leisure; and tested the impact of long distance separation on collaborative practice and motivation. 110% often stage interventions that play with the presentational structure of art events in festival, fair and gallery contexts. These interventions may take the form of an interruption, an invitation, an oasis, a sweaty mess.

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